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Koncerty Miku z roku 2012

Hatsune Miku Final 39's Giving Day (2012) at Tokyo Dome City Hall (Eng Sub) (1080p)
Dmitriy Komarov

Hatsune Miku Final 39's Giving Day (2012) at Tokyo Dome City Hall (Eng Sub) (1080p)

Выражаю благодарность Doremi ( за представленные англо-японские субтитры. I express my gratitude Doremi ( provided for English-Japanese subtitles. Description "Miku no Hi Dai Kanshasai 39's Giving Day" was held on March 9 and featured both the original -Project DIVA- Arcade graphics. The event took place at Tokyo Dome City Hall. Background Concert date: March 9, 2012 Location: Tokyo Dome City Hall, Tokyo, Japan Playlist №: 25 initially, 5 encore Company: Crypton Future Media, SEGA Associations: piapro Band Members: The 39's - Orita Shin (Drums) - Abe Jun (Keyboard) - Tanaka Shingo (Bass) - Kuroda Akitoshi (Guitar) Set List 0:26 Opening 2:42 Tell Your World 7:35 Yume Yume 11:18 World is Mine 14:15 Electric Angel 17:43 Koi Suru VOC@LOID 21:13 Clover Club 24:17 Po Pi Po 28:21 Romeo and Cinderella 31:35 Finder DSLR remix 35:35 Two-Faced Lovers 38:41 Band Introduction 40:31 StargazeR 44:28 Moon 47:42 The Disappearance of Hatsune Miku 50:17 Change Me 53:47 Butterfly on your Right Shoulder 56:54 Just be Friends 1:00:38 Magnet 1:03:44 World's End Danceball 1:07:21 Meltdown 1:11:36 The Final Solitude 1:15:10 Promise 1:18:06 Time Limit 1:21:55 Puzzle 1:25:27 1/6 Out of Gravity 1:30:15 SPiCa 1:35:21 Love Words 1:38:34 Melt 1:43:33 Hajime no Oto 1:48:35 Diva Desu 1:51:33 World is Mine 1:55:35 Credits
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